Union President Announces Vision of NET Canada

by Reggie Johnson


On June 29, at a ministerial banquet for Canadian workers, Orville Parchment, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada, announced his vision to organize a nation-wide NET evangelism campaign in Canada.

“I am here to share with you a joint dream with It Is Written,” said Parchment. “A dream that could very well become a reality.” He went on to suggest that within a year and a half to two years, this Union could have its own “Canadian NET” evangelistic series at a cost of approximately $300,000. The speaker for the Canadian NET meetings, as suggested by Parchment, would be Henry Feyerabend from the Adventist television-evangelism organization It Is Written. Parchment said that “One out of every three people in Canada is familiar with It Is Written, and knows the face of Henry Feyerabend.”

“Evangelism is a major part of our vision for Canada,” said Parchment. The NET evangelism meetings have proved very effective for the Adventist church in previous years. Parchment referred to the recent NET campaign in South America that has the potential of approximately 80,000 baptisms.

“It’s a vision; it’s a dream that we want to become a reality.” Parchment made it clear that this was a preliminary idea that is currently looking for the support of the Canadian churches and the North American Division. Parchment expressed his enthusiasm and commitment to this vision saying, “We’re just excited about it, and so we’re going to go all out to make this a reality.”


Reggie Johnson is senior communication and religion major at Andrews University.


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