Women’s Ministries on the Move at the General Conference Session

by Rosalie A. van Putten


The Women’s Ministries Department was busy at the 57th General Conference Session held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They held two days of seminars in the Exhibit Hall of the Metro Toronto Convention Center. On Tuesday, July 4, 2000, the topics covered were: “End Time Parenting” by Kay Kuzman, Ed.D.; “Instant Bible Studies for Busy People” by Ellie Green, BSN, RN; “Getting Organized–Seven Secrets to Sanity for Stressed Women by the renown Nancy Van Pelt, CFLE, CFCS; “Ministering to People With Aids (PWA), by May Wangai, M.D.; and “Women Reaching Women” by Linda Crimes-Penick, director of Women’s Ministries for the Pacific Union Conference. On Thursday, July 6, 2000, another series of topics covered were:  “Effective Learning for Preschoolers” by Prema Gaikwad, Ph.D., dean of the School of Education at Spicer Memorial College, India; “Women’s Health issues” by Ruth Lennox, MB, BS, Family Physician; “Making Sabbath Special” by Celeste Perrino Walker; and “Women’s Stories—Why They Are Important and How to Preserve Them” by Kit Watts, M.D., and Penny Shell, Ed.D.

The meetings were very well attended, with not even standing room available at each one. Although these were women’s issues, there were several men in attendance at every meeting. Valuable information, both spoken and written, was given out at each of the seminars, and many questions were answered during the various discussions. It was heartwarming to see the response of women from all over the world to the issues that affect them. 

The Women’s Ministries Department also had an exhibit booth in the Exhibit Hall where additional information was available. There you could find information from the Women’s Resource Center at La Sierra University, Riverside, California and also from Contact, a quarterly publication for Seventh-day Adventist Women in Ministry that is produced by the General Conference Ministerial Association in Silver Spring, Maryland.


Rosalie A. van Putten is a constituent of the Northeastern Conference and attends the Springfield Gardens church in Queens, New York where she serves as the education director.